Zealong Oolong

Sold out.

From the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, we brought you this premium tea, Zealand Oolong, but it quickly sold out.

A wonderfully light and lively oolong. Velvety soft and sweet, this premium oolong has a lovely floral touch ~ a bouquet of the most beautiful of spring blossoms. Can be infused multiple times; while some say the second is the best, discover which infusion is your favorite!

We have a very limited quantity of this premium oolong—which we have packaged in a reusable tea storage tin—so be sure to order right away! Price even includes shipping!*

Preparation: 3 g tea leaves (1 heaping teaspoon) per 8 oz cup of filtered water, boiled and cooled to 80°C/176°F. Allow to brew 2 min. 

*Please note: To qualify for free shipping, order only ONE 25-gram package of Zealong Oolong tea; if additional products are ordered, shipping charges will be added; offer good online and in store; quantities are limited. Please, one per customer.