Spice Blend Gift Set

Cleverly packaged in glass test tubes, these award-winning tea-based culinary spice blends will add a pop of incredible flavor to, well, nearly anything you cook! Whether vegetarian or meat-based, main dish or side, you'll find yourself reaching for these spice blends over and over.

Set includes five blends, all made in-Haus by Eat More Tea/TeaHaus (25–30 g of each blend).

Smoky Souchong Spice Blend #1. This smoky blend is amazingly versatile. Use as a dry rub on meat, in a BBQ sauce, or to create a more complex flavor in a soup or stew or chili—anytime you want to add a bit of smoky flavor. Great for grilling!

Oriental Fusion Spice Blend #2. Use this unique spice blend—sweet and exotic—as a marinade for meat. It pairs well with beef bi bim bop.

Masala Spice Blend #3. This fragrant and spicy chai blend will warm up any traditional black tea or your favorite cake recipe. Use in pumpkin pie, or on roasted sweet potatoes.

Surf's Up Sencha Spice Blend #4. Our fresh and slightly fruity green tea and spice blend creates a bright marinade, perfect for any fish (or other meat) of your choosing, and is also an excellent base for rice, noodles, or broth. Add this lively blend to dipping sauces. 

Tea Thyme Spice Blend #5. This savory blend has subtle sweet hints of black currants that mingle with thyme and other herbs, making it a perfect blend for chicken—but can be used on pork or beef as well. Also great on roasted potatoes or veggies. Give your food some European flair!