At TeaHaus, we are always experimenting.

We might blend different teas together, and then maybe add other fruit, or spices, or herbals, or all of the above. Granted, sometimes these concoctions are tossed after one sip. But at other times, we believe we have nailed it! 

And for those teas that we like? We share them, curious to know what you think. Some of our previous trial combinations have already made it to our Tea Wall (labeled as "Haus Blend").

Earlier this year, we offered a Thyme Limited Edition Tea. Based on the enthusiastic feedback we received, we are going to do more of this.

So here's how it will work:

1. We will offer limited edition teas for a limited period of time—asking you to review them.

2. At the end of the year, the blend that garners the best reviews will go on our Tea Wall (meaning it will be available all the time).

A helpful hint: If you want to make sure you know about these blends before they are sold out, sign up for our newsletter.

The lab is now open; let the experimenting commence!