Wow, what a few weeks, months, wait . . . how long has it been?

I hope you are all holding up well. It has been rough and strange and sad and weird and overall just new. I have been trying to figure it all out—as a mom, a small business owner, a daughter, a wife, . . . and I have come to the conclusion that none of us have to have it all figured out. We can sit with a cup of tea and just "be" sometimes.

Many of you have asked what our plans are.

For now, our online store remains open 24/7 and we are filling orders as quickly as possible with limited staff, following all recommended precautions and safety measures. We offer shipping as usual, as well as curbside pickup for our local customers. To help you out with tea recommendations and other questions, we've added a live chat feature to our website.

As many of you know, TeaHaus has been providing over 600 free school lunches a week plus dinners for the Food Gatherers Community Kitchen at the Delonis Center at least once a week. We will keep going as long as we can and the need is there. THANK YOU for those who have donated and offered to help. For safety reasons, we have had to keep the number of volunteers to a minimum but appreciate all of you who have offered to help. I am amazed at the compassion and kindness within our community. Doing these lunches and dinners have honestly been what has kept me going and your support has kept it possible!

Don't forget that you can purchase hand/surface sanitizer from Mammoth Distilling through us. They are an amazing company from "up-North" that has been donating gallons and gallons of their sanitizer to COVID first responders, shelters and more. You can also ADD a 2-oz bottle to any online order (shipped or curbside pickup) for a $5 donation to our lunch program. I infused it with bergamot for you.

At TeaHaus we are still dedicated to providing the highest quality and service. We are, and always have, practiced strict food safety in our café and with our tea. We are doing everything we can to keep you and our TeaHaus family safe!

Thank you and remember: Stay safe, stay calm, and, most importantly, stay kind!