Handpicked Kabusecha and Deep Roasted Houjicha

Sold out.

Two premium teas, packaged in gorgeous Japanese tea tins!

Produced in limited quantities by Takatomo Katagi, certified tea master (pictured here), of Katagi Koukaen, an organic family-owned tea garden in Asamiya, Japan.

Only $30, includes 25 g of each tea, each in its own Japanese tea tin.*


Handpicked Kabusecha—Tea leaves are shaded to enhance the sweetness and smoothness of the finished tea, and then are carefully picked by hand; this first-flush premium green tea has gorgeous, emerald green, lustrous leaves that yield an incredible brew.

Deep Roasted Houjicha—Unsorted aracha tea leaves are deep roasted to make this very limited houjicha. Due to the roasting process, this tea is extremely low in caffeine. 

Watch Mr. Katagi roast aracha to make houjicha:

See our blog to read more about Mr. Katagi, his tea garden, and these teas!

*Please note: Style of tea tins varies.

Preparation of Kabusecha: 3 g tea leaves (1 level tsp) per 8 oz of filtered water, boiled and cooled to 80°C/176°F. Brew 1–2 min.

Preparation of Houjicha: 3 g tea leaves (1 heaping tsp) per 8 oz of filtered boiling water. Brew 1 min.