Malawi Antlers

Sold out.

Air freighted to us, Malawi Antlers white tea is a rare and exquisite tea that's unlike anything we've had before!

This unique and rare tea from the family-owned Satemwa Estate in southern Malawi consists of long stems that are picked in early spring and air dried. The tea—which charmingly resembles antlers—has an exquisite flavor, very smooth, with a slight floral note. Only a very limited amount of this premium tea is produced each year. 

Includes 45 g of tea and a washi paper tea tin (please note: style of tea tin varies and may not be the same as those pictured here)

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Preparation: 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz of filtered water, boiled and cooled to 88°C/190°F. Brew 2 min. Can be rebrewed.