Tea-Roasting Pan and Aracha

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Our preorder period has closed. However, we will be ordering a couple extra tea-roasting pans so you may still get a chance to get one. Check back here in a few months.
*Please note: If you ordered this product and are wondering where it is, we haven't forgotten! It's still in production. Thank you for your patience.

Preorder this tea-roasting pan and experience a new way to enjoy tea!

Shigaraki, a town in Japan's Shiga prefecture, is one of the oldest pottery producers in Japan. Potters here continue to produce handmade traditional pottery in the muted earth colors for which this pottery is known. The tea-roasting pan shown here is a fine example of this rustic ware. 

Thus, we're thrilled to announce that a friend of tea grower Takatomo Katagi (of Katagi Koukaen, an organic family-owned tea garden in Asamiya) has agreed to make some of these special pans for us!

If you haven't roasted your own tea leaves, you do want to try your hand at it! These pans are designed specifically for this purpose. On a stovetop, briefly roast aracha (unsorted tea leaves, which we'll be getting from Takatomo). Then, brew the roasted leaves, or houjicha, to make a wonderfully toasty tea! Super easy!

Each pan will be made individually by hand and then shipped by boat (due to the pandemic) so we anticipate a wait time of up to 3 months—but we promise it'll be worth it!

So that we know how many pans to commission, we are taking preorders, now through Sunday, March 14, 2021. Each pan will be unique! You can preorder just the roasting pan or you can preorder the pan along with 100 g of aracha. When both pan and tea arrive, we'll ship them right out to you.


Watch Takatomo roast tea leaves:

See our blog to read more about Takatomo and his tea garden.