TeaHaus in a Box: Brewing Basics

This gift box comes with all the essential supplies—the same that we use at TeaHaus!—for easily brewing loose tea at home. A perfect addition to any tea purchase and a great gift for both tea lover and novice!

Brew kit includes:

• 20-oz measuring glass

tea measuring spoon (designed for measuring tea)

tea timer (style may vary)

Finum brewing basket (this fine-mesh reusable basket allows room for tea leaves to expand; color and size may vary)

Use the tea-spoon to measure your tea into the brewing basket. Add hot water using the measuring glass, and set the timer to ensure the proper brew time.

Alternately, measure your tea directly into the measuring glass; add your water. When done, pour your tea through the brewing basket and into your cup or teapot, just like we do at TeaHaus!