17: Ukrainian Kobzar Concert, 7 pm, donations; see details below


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Ukrainian Kobzar Concert

Friday, June 17, at 7 pm, 204 N 4th Ave

Jurij Fedynsky has experienced things in the last three months that few people experience. After singing and playing hundreds of concerts in Ukraine—on the front, in military camps, in bomb shelters, in refugee camps, and really anywhere and everywhere throughout all of Ukraine—Jurij came to the US, sharing the rich kobzar tradition with us.

Donations for this concert can be made to Jurij’s PayPal account at jurij_fedynskyj@hotmail.com. Funds go to supporting the Poltava Kobzar Guild in Ukraine and to reviving the kobzar tradition in Ukraine and abroad.

Full English and Children's Tea

Due to our ongoing renovation, we are suspending our monthly Full English Tea (including the to-go option) until we can welcome you back into our fully open space. Thank you for your patience.

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Private Zoom Tea Tastings!

You and your friends (no matter where they live!) can book a private online tasting with Lisa—and you can even personalize your experience with add-ons. Include a brewing basket or a special mug or even a tea-infused treat for everyone in your group!

Prices start at $25/person, with a minimum of 6 people. Email for more info, final pricing, and to set a date: Lisa@TeaHaus.com


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Our elegant space is perfect for any get-together. We supply the food, treats, tea, and atmosphere to make your occasion a memorable experience for everyone. 

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