As a small independent business, we value every customer. To that end, we bring you the best tea we can find, but more importantly, we do our best to make your TeaHaus experience enjoyable!

And we have the best customers! Here is a sampling of feedback that we've had.
"They have provided the best customer service every single time I've ordered! I've received personal videos from the Owner thanking me for my order, she gives great tips and recipes for the teas I buy, they also throw in a couple free samples of their latest tea recommendations. Shipping is fast! I live all the way in California and only buy my tea at Tea Haus!! I can't say enough good things!" —Jessica

"You guys are fantastic! Your tea is the best and your customer services is amazing. The personalized video made my day! Thanks!" —Joaquin

"Tea Haus so much helps me to remember the poem by Thich Nhat Hanh. Drink your tea slowly reverently. . . . Live in the actual moment, only the actual moment is life. Sending good thoughts." —Al


"Wonderful! Loved the video and the personal touch. As Mr. Spock would say 'Live long and prosper.'" —Jon

"Y'all are the best. Thanks for being an example of Kindness. Let's keep that going. Praying for you and others!" —Chris

"So excited to get some of my favorite teas—you always have the best selection and what a nice greeting!—brought a smile to my face." —Dawn

"You guys are GREAT!!! I love the video, especially now. I'll definitely be sticking with you. Life is challenging enough, can't imagine life without your teas! Love the shout out to kindness! Keep it up, and you guys stay safe too. Many thanks!" —Rachael

"Thanks you so much for your kind and beautiful message! I love TeaHaus and will continue to order your lovely teas, no matter where I am!" —Chiara

"Thank you for the message! We love Tea and we love TeaHaus! My 13 year old boy is as excited about getting our tea as I am." —Heather