Our French Macarons are always available! Buy them individually or in a set of six (one of each flavor), either in-store or HERE.


Lemon Poppyseed
Almond Joy
Lavender Vanilla Bean
Cadbury Cream
Strawberry Peep 
Chocolate Malt (contains gluten)

Our French macarons are made in-Haus by our wonderful pastry chefs! That means our macarons are:

  • made from scratch
  • using the freshest, all-natural ingredients available
  • made in small batches
  • piped and filled by hand
We change our flavors every month so be sure to stop by TeaHaus and try our unique and incredibly delicious creations!

See our TeaRoom and Cafe page for more pastries and our menu.
Macarons can also be special ordered; see our Special Orders page for details.

A note: Our macarons are often confused with their close cousins the macaroons. A macaroon is made primarily of coconut whereas a French macaron has almond flour–meringue shells and a filling.