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TeaHaus Café Will Be Reopening Soon
The most-asked question prior to 2020 was "What is your favorite tea"? Since then, it has been "When are you reopening?"

Well, our tea store never closed. We've always had tea, some treats, and even a monthly Full English Tea available to go, but we know this isn't the same and y'all want more.

We have some AMAZING things in the works for TeaHaus and although the pandemic seems to be winding down, the effects are long-lasting. We had begun some renovations earlier this year that are now on hold due to product availability and the soaring costs of materials. We have also had a lot of time to rethink exactly how we want to reopen. So, here it is . . . for now. . . . 

Our reopening will be in three phases:

Phase one: As of Monday, June 7, we will be closed every Monday to start getting ready to reopen our café space. We will also be closed July 1–5 (Thursday through Monday) so that we can get everything in place to reopen. Online orders will still be shipped out but pickup will NOT be available on Mondays or July 1–5. 

What will phase one look like? We will have more outdoor seating, some indoor tables, and some new café menu items. We will NOT, however, be offering our full pre-pandemic menu. We will open phase one on Tuesday, July 6!

Phase two: This part is more in the background. We will be finishing some of the renovations (assuming we receive all our materials and our contractors can work) and replacing equipment (we had an oven, a freezer, and a fridge all breakdown in the last 6 months UGH!). 

Also, as part of phase two, we will be fixing up the front of our Eat More Tea space. We hope to be able to start hosting events there by early August. It's going to be so pretty and we are really excited! 

Phase three: Shhh!!! This part is a little bit a secret. We hope to fully and very grandly open our third and final phase in January 2022. This seems so far off, but with the speed of material, product delivery, and some contract work availability, we don't want to promise anything too early.

We are VERY EXCITED about our BIG, GRAND Re-OPENING! Bear with us, it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, we will continue our free meal program and be here for all your tea needs!

Thank you,


Everything is made fresh in-Haus! See what's currently available HERE.

Assorted French Macarons, Pastries, Cakes, Cookies, Caramels, and MORE!
All Haus-made, our selection changes daily. Individually priced. 

Please note:

We occasionally have limited seating or changes in hours 
due to special or private events and holidays.
Please see our calendar for up-to-date information.

You will find over 175 teas at TeaHaus, but you will not find coffee. We can suggest some teas that coffee lovers often enjoy, but we do not brew coffee due to its strong aroma. Your sense of taste is strongly influenced by aroma, and we want to ensure that your tea experience is perfect! 

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